“Imagine being called in for an interview on Thursday, starting your first day full of meetings on Friday, and presenting concepts by Monday. Uh, that's what Joseph did and so much more. He's got the brilliant creative mind, a strong collaborative vibe, and technical chops to seamlessly blend his designs – both static and animated – into the respective deliverables. He also reminded me of how much fun brainstorming can be. The teams loved working with him. You will, too...”

— Ryan Yee, Brand Strategist & Copywriter at Xero


Before steeping his thoughts in principles of User Experience design, Joseph had been a front-end engineer, a visual designer, an art director, and a senior web & graphic designer.

His extensive experience building web apps, websites, brands and marketing strategies is met without getting his own ego involved. His goal is to make the best design possible, balancing business needs with user needs. Empathy, usability, functionality, and enjoyability are the key components of his human-centered design work. 

In addition to design, Joseph is a maker, musician, immersive theater performer, traveler, sailor, hobby furniture maker, and avid picnic enthusiast. He's traveled literally around the world twice, immersing himself in cultures and the diversity of perspective wherever he goes. 

Right. So why Horseradish?

Joseph's last name, Hren, is the Slovenian word for Horseradish. It's also been used there as a slang term for those who have a reputation for a sharp tongue, a fast wit, and spicy character. Joseph brings some spice and heat into all of the design he creates.