Xero + Squarespace

While only acting as Art Director for Xero accounting software team for a short while, I was able to leave my mark on the company by creating a series of animated landing pages and ads. Xero partnered with Squarespace, Paypal, Apple, Microsoft Office, and Gsuite, and animations were created for each pairing. 


Summit is an mobile conferencing application currently in development. Presented here is a landing page concept with branding elements created for Summit, including the logo, typography, icons design, application home screen, color palette. 

Information Architecture

For BASK, an eCommerce application for iOS, I contributed to the Information Architecture with this sitemap and user flow diagram of a common user journey (other user flow diagrams were created for different tasks). 

The Sitemap labels all of the higher-level screens, organized by color into groupings. This user flow diagram is the typical buyer journey for a single order. 


Annotated Wireframes

Annotated wireframes from some of the screens created for the BASK iOS shopping application. This is a prototype of an app that's similar to Instacart or GoodEggs, providing convenience for people who would rather not have to physically go to the store to do their grocery shopping.

Here, key features are called out and described; typography, iconography, grid spacing and image sizes are established, rules for headers, footers, and menus established. 

Sycle.net Website Redesign

The Sycle.net website redesign project was my main focus while working as Lead Designer at Sycle. For the release of Sycle Pro, the next generation of the Sycle product, we had a mini-rebranding that included a new logo, refreshed and reorganized website, new icon sets, and improved information architecture and navigation. 

Some of the UX elements (wireframes, user flow diagrams) used in the development of the site design.


From 2013 to 2015 I worked as art director at Tradeshift, growing the design team from an army of one (me) to an elite task force with copywriters, market researchers, and junior designers that I was able to provide mentorship to. Almost immediately after I was hired at Tradeshift, the VP of marketing was let go, so the existing marketing team hunkered down and put our heads together to create an action plan. We successfully steered the brand from sketchy beginnings into the force it is today. 


The Ondine project was a collaboration with We Players, a site-specific theater troupe. The production of Ondine was set at the Sutro Baths, a breathtaking outdoor location overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the northwestern corner of San Francisco. My designs for the posters, program guides and website for the We Players group reflected the dramatic location and both the humor and tragedy of the story.